quinta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2014

Say "Hello!" to 2014

So... Hello everyone! Happy New Year!... I know I'm kinda of LATE but never mind... I was seriously thinking if I should have put the name of this post as: "How I miss you P.O.C.R.!" or something like that because... I have been working a lot these days and I am SERIOUSLY trying to watch Naruto since last week's Thursday so... this is bad as you can see...

   Even now, I was suposed to be watching Naruto Shippuden episode...435 or something but... I forgot. Because of the beggining of the classes and everything.
It's with an ENOURMOUS pain that I say to you: "Gomenasai minna-san" because, as you probably noticed (or not), I didn't publish the last draw of the Calendar, that was suposed to be in NOVEMBER, and then I said that should be in public in 25th December with the 1st draw of ARYAN4Seasons Project, and, in the end, no one came to the blog or the page (in public) on that dates so...
...seriously GOMENE
I´ll try to keep painting them and everything but... has you already saw in other posts, I usually say that "it's a matter of laziness", and that's true. If I REALLY wanted them to come in public on that dates, I had draw them day and night if it was necessary. But... that is not "how I work" in holidays, that is "how I plan my serious work" on holidays. (That in the main cases...never come true!).
So, I think that I'll do a big pause on this... even because I am too busy to keep judging myself and pushing me to much with a lot of toilsome work. So... in one hand, this is good because you wouldn't have ME to keep boring you, and in the other hand, this is bad because this means that I'll STOP my progress... Plus I didn't draw nothing since the first week of holidays I guess.
And, it's everything I guess... I pushed myself to much with such a toilsome work. Hope you understand and I'll restart everything as soon as I see it is the right moment.
Again my seriously "gomenasai" and, you see, I guess that this is my lazy and friendly way to...
Say "Hello" to 2014
(Fig.1 - One part of 1st ARYAN4Seasons)
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